At Body Aesthetics, we offer Unlimited Guarantee for laser hair removal with the purchase of a package of 6 procedures for a single area of treatment.
We stand behind the results we promise and save you time and money.

At Body Aesthetics Laser Center, we have confidence in our expertise and experience. The majority of our clients are fully satisfied with the results we achieve with 6 procedures, adhering to all safety and effectiveness conditions—removing 80% to 89% of unwanted hair in the treated area. Additional treatments may be necessary if clients desire a higher percentage of hair removal or due to hormonal changes and certain medical conditions.

If you purchase a package of 6 laser hair removal procedures for one area, you will receive our Unlimited Laser Hair Removal Guarantee. After you finish the last procedure of the package, our Guarantee allows you to use an unlimited number of procedures at 50% off the regular price for the zone. 

This is a lifetime Guarantee. Even with satisfactory results, if you wish for corrections or improvements years later, the price will be reduced by 50% for the zone for you. This way, we save your time and money. You don't pay in advance for packages with more procedures than necessary; instead, you use additional sessions when needed at a much lower cost.

Is laser hair removal at Body Aesthetics permanent?

Our GentleLase Pro laser treats all hair colors except for white hair or completely transparent hair, and most people have multiple hair colors and types in different areas. The laser technology of our device is globally recognised as the most successful and provides 80% - 89% permanent hair removal after 6 treatments. The remaining 11% is vellus hair – thin, semi-transparent, sparse, and delicate hairs that you can’t feel when you touch the area and they are not noticeable except from very close. That's why we cannot guarantee 100% removal of all your hair in every area, and no one else should.

It's quite common for clients to have unrealistic expectations about the procedure because there are cases of 100% hair removal, and everyone expects the same for themselves. To receive personalized recommendations from our specialist, book a free of charge consultation with us. We will conduct a personalized assessment of your skin and hair, determine your phototype, and answer all your questions about the expected results in each desired area.

Just imagine the change in your life if 8-9 out of every 10 hairs disappear
and you keep this result forever! 


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At Laser Center Body Aesthetics, we achieve 89% hair removal in the treated area with 6 sessions, using the medical alexandrite device GentleLase Pro.

  1. The guarantee is provided only when purchasing a package of a minimum of 6 laser hair removal procedures for one area, and there is no expiration date for use.
  2. The intervals between treatments, as determined after consultation with the therapist, must be strictly adhered to. The planned intervals, scheduled with the client, are recorded in the client's profile and their card. A period of 10 days is provided for the completion of the procedure.
  3. In case of postponing a procedure for more than 14 days from the recommended period without coordination with the therapist or in case of missing a treatment, the terms of the laser hair removal guarantee are considered not met.
  4. If the hair in the area to be treated has been removed by shaving methods before the first procedure, we wait at least 3 weeks before starting laser hair removal. During these 3 weeks, you should remove the hair in the area only by shaving or trimming with a trimmer or scissors.
  5. During the course of 6 laser hair removal procedures, there should NOT be any active sun exposure or/and tanning.
  6. Intensive and deliberate tanning should be avoided for a minimum of 21 days before and after the procedure.
  7. During the course of 6 laser hair removal sessions, tanning beds and/or self-tanning products should not be used.
  8. During the course of 6 laser hair removal sessions, sunscreen with SPF 50 should be applied 14 days before and after the procedure on all areas of treatment.
  9. During the course of 6 laser hair removal sessions, hair in the treated areas should not be removed by methods of plucking.
  10. During the course of 6 laser hair removal sessions, no other hair removal methods should be applied between sessions, except for shaving.
  11. At least 10 days before the laser hair removal, skin exfoliation in the treated area should be avoided.
  12. Before the laser hair removal appointment, the area should be shaved at least 12 and maximum 24 hours in advance. Hair removal can be done with a razor for all areas. In facial areas it can be done with scissors or a trimmer. Depilatory cream should not be used as it contains acid that may react with the laser light.
  13. Before the laser hair removal appointment, the skin in the area should be washed with water and soap, and no cosmetic products should be applied.
  14. If the desired result of 89% hair removal is not achieved after more than 9 sessions, the therapists at Body Aesthetics may request a consultation with an endocrinologist and hormonal tests to determine if there is a health reason compromising the results of laser hair removal. After presenting the doctor's opinion and the results of the tests, Dr. Tracheva will advise on how to proceed with the therapy.
  15. If one or more of the conditions are not followed, the guarantee automatically becomes invalid.
  16. The guarantee must be kept by the client together with the receipt for the paid package and provided for reference when needed.
  17. Your guarantee is valid regardless of whether you purchased a laser hair removal package before or after January 23, 2020.